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Projects you can expect to receive:

–  Test Case ExecutionPerform a set of flows using specific instructions and compare the results observed with the expected/intended results provided.

– Functional Exploratory: Explore the application or website’s functionality based on your experience and background in testing.


We’re looking for passionate QA testers in Belgium who have experience in testing mobile and web applications to join our project involving a Mobile Wallet App.


Project Details


App in testing: Belgian Mobile Wallet App that allows you to digitally log in, register, confirm transactions and even sign documents with your mobile phone.


Type of testing: a mix of Test Case Execution & Functional Exploratory

The tests we will be conducting have the purpose of verifying if the app features work properly and to improve the user experience. For the best and most accurate results, the testing should be performed using a valid eID and a valid phone number. These details will be treated with the highest standards of security strictly in accordance with GDPR, the European privacy regulation and will be deleted after the testing round takes place.

Note: The test will not involve money transactions, only feature verification focusing on the apps’ general functionality.


Testing start date: ASAP


Device requirements: iOS & Android devices


Location: only Belgium


Duration: up to 6 hours



  • Test Cases & Functional Exploratory: $30/hours + you can also earn between $4 – $16 for each confirmed bug, based on their severity


The payment is managed through PayPal or Upwork.


Important note about security: The app respects eIDAS, the European regulation for electronic identification tools, and GDPR, the European privacy regulation, resulting in the best possible protection of your data.

The app is developed by a Belgian company that is certified ISO/IEC 27001, the international security reference that guarantees the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its services, including the app in testing.


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