We are looking for testers with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

We’ve teamed up with an exciting podcast and audio app to bring you a new type of project. Join our latest paid test cycles for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto users.

For this project you will need one of two things:

  • An Apple CarPlay device
  • An Android Auto device

Project details:

Testing Type: Functional Exploratory, Functional Test Case

Testing Timelines: Expected Start Date: May 19-22 2017

Selected Environment:

  • Platform: Android and iOS
  • Devices Accepted: Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay

Project details:

  • The scope of this test is to see how the app performs on the Android Auto/Apple CarPlay devices, not on the mobile devices (emulators will not be accepted).
  • The device doesn’t need to be installed in a car or the original device that came with the car.
  • Aftermarket devices are also in scope.
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  • Payment goes up to $10 per bug
  • The more bugs you find, the more you earn
  • A base payment is given for every valid bug you find and report
  • A bonus of $10 will be given for every 5 confirmed bugs
  • Test Case Payment: 25$/test case ( takes about 30 minutes to be completed )

Would you like more info before signing up? Check our FAQ or contact us directly at [email protected].

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