Newsletter #2 – Not an Issue

Welcome to the second issue of our newsletter! In the previous issue we covered how to avoid duplicate reports.

This time we will cover issues marked with the rejection reason “Not an Issue.


What does the status “Not an Issue” mean?

An issue marked with this status usually means the issue was not described properly. This results in the issue being misunderstood during moderation.


Three simple steps to avoid having your issue rejected:



Report the issue clearly and provide all the necessary information

While it is important to keep bug reports short and concise, make sure you always provide enough information. The more detail the Cycle Managers have, the less likely your issue will be rejected..


Understand the application

Before you begin testing make sure you understand the application you are testing. Context is extremely important for certain features. What may seem like a bug in one application, may be  understandable in another.


Avoid repetitive or vague descriptions

Using language such as “This behaviour happens” or ”This behaviour shouldn’t happen” isn’t constructive and  needs to be avoided. Instead, explain why the behaviour shouldn’t occur, or suggest how it should behave.


We hope you found this issue helpful. We want our newsletter to be valuable to you so please share your feedback or suggest future topics. You can also check the previous newsletter issues here.


In the next issue we will talk about the rejection status “Not in Scope”.


See you next time.

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