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We are currently looking for people that are interested in taking part in our latest usability research and meet a few specific requirements:

You must be a native Bahasa Indonesia speaker

Be a smartphone user

Active on social media

Currently living in  Indonesia

A few details about our Project:


  • App in focus: social media application developed to create an easy way for members of your community to talk and share online.
  • Project type: We’re conducting a usability research that requires an online one-on-one video interview. In the interview you’ll be asked to share your opinion about certain social media platforms. It  will last 60 minutes and you will discuss with a native Bahasa speaker.  
  • Scope of the research: We’d like to understand the factors that influence people the most when it comes to the search functionality on different platforms.



We appreciate you time and effort so we offer a $15 payment that will be transferred through PayPal within 2 weeks from selection.


How you can join*: fill in this Registration Form!


*Please note that answering the questions in the Registration Form is a prerequisite for taking part in the research study and that only candidates who match the study requirements will be contacted via email with further details within the following couple of days after submission of this form.

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