IMPORTANT! Failing in abiding and complying with any of the following recommendations will eventually result in rejected execution thus affecting your ranking score. Moreover, repeated offences (which appear as clearly deliberate) will result in warning and even banning from platform (temporary or permanent ban according to each individual situation).



What to always keep in mind while executing test cases:

  • Each individual execution must have a video attachment created specifically for it. Please do not reuse attachments even if the result is the same for multiple executions, create a new video every time;
  • Start recording your screen the instant you see the “Start recording the screen which has the test website open” Test Setup page; 
  • Record the entire execution until the attachment upload box is displayed at the end of the test case;
  • It is not necessary to record the test case instructions while creating a video;
  • Instead of insecure communication channels, such as social media, please always use a cloud-based text note app or your local “notes” app while transferring information. I.e.: Google Keep;
  • If possible, use a Touch Input Display/Show Touch app feature during the recording so your taps will be visible in the video;
  • When encountering an issue related to either the application or the test case, make sure that it is visible in the video recording;
  • If possible, turn off the notifications for messaging apps and social media or turn Airplane mode ON on your test device during the test, for personal and privacy reasons;
  • Close all the other apps running in the background during the test (in order to avoid any personal/privacy related situations);
  • When failing a test case and leaving a comment describing the issue, make sure to write it in English every time!

In order to deliver high-quality work, please avoid the following instances:

  • Do not record sound for the video attachments. The test cases which require audio recording will specify that from the beginning (as a pre-requirement). Make sure to adjust the settings of your screen recording software properly and accordingly;
  • Avoid recording any items unrelated to the execution (irrelevant apps / websites, pages other than the ones specified in the previous section, conversations with friends, etc.);
  • Avoid using and/or recording any competitor resources or websites (other testing companies’ platforms, freelance or otherwise) – This is strictly prohibited by our Terms of Use;
  • Avoid recording any strictly confidential material which is unrelated to the application under test  (any element of the Tester Work platform other than the test case instructions) – several examples below:
    • The bugtracker
    • Test invitations
    • Ranking page
    • Zendesk platform
    • Payment rates/tiers
  • Do not use social messaging apps to transfer information from one device to another even if you are sending the message to yourself – you can find suggestions for alternatives in the section above;
  • Avoid opening other applications from Tester Work during the test case execution;
  • Do not fail a test case if the text in the test case is written with capital letters and in the app / on the website it appears with lowercase letters or vice-versa (eg. test case: “Log in” app / website: “LOG IN”);

If you have other questions about how to execute Test Cases through our Test Runner, please feel free to contact us.