Preliminary requirements: who can join?

Anyone can join the Tester Work platform. Either you already have a vast software testing experience or just learning the basics of this industry, you are welcome to join our community.


However, there are several aspects every future collaborator has to take into account, as follows:

  • All the Tester Work activities are managed in English. Having at least average communication skills in this language is a must to ensure good test results.
  • Testers need to have a valid payout method. No one likes to work for free, so make sure that you have a PayPal or Upwork profile.* Check out our Payment Policy for more details.

*In the countries where PayPal and Upwork are not functional, we’ll use alternative (local) ways to send the allowance.


How to join Tester Work?

In order to register on the Tester Work platform and start testing amazing apps with us, select the Sign up button and fill out the required fields.

Sign up

It is highly recommended to consult the Tester Work Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy and Non-disclosure Agreement documents, as these contain essential information about how we function as a company, confidentiality and personal data usage.  


Once the sign up info was submitted, you’ll receive an email address verification mail. Open it, and make sure to click on the provided link to be able to move on with the registration process. Having a correct and confirmed email address in your tester account ensures a flawless communication and helps ensure our emails/test invitations will reach you well.

Onboarding process 

Our onboarding process is split into 2 parts: registration and online assessment.


  1. The registration has three sections which you will have to fill in right after you have signed up: 
  • Account settings (personal details)
  • Testing settings (experience, availability, languages) 
  • The hardware & software you can use to test


Since most of our projects have very specific requirements, we’ll need more info in order to send you targeted test invitations. Having all the above data will help us avoid spamming you with test invites which are irrelevant for you. 

It is highly recommended to keep your profile up to date in a constant manner. The most important sections you have to keep an eye on are:

  • Location/country – please update this section even when you are traveling and wish to work on our projects. Testing an app from a different country than the one specified in your profile will invalidate your test results automatically. 
  • Device list – many of our projects have to be run on specific devices, platforms or OS versions. Don’t let these testing opportunities pass you by because of outdated information!
  • Languages – localization tests are not uncommon at Tester Work so make sure to let us know what the proficiency level of every language you speak.


  1. Online assessment

The second step of the registration process consists of a short test to confirm your basic QA testing knowledge, as well as the quality of your written English.

Don’t let it get you down if you can’t pass the test for the first time, as every applicant has two attempts to finish it successfully.

Assessment advice: before you start answering questions, you will be presented with the notions page. It is imperative to read the page thoroughly since this will help you answer the assessment questions.


Once you have passed the assessment, you will become one of our verified testers and we’ll send you a welcome email with important information and instructions about how to access our bug tracker.

After that, you’ll start receiving test invitations based on your profile data, so get in the habit of checking emails daily and applying to new projects!

The whole registration process shouldn’t take more than 15-25 minutes (this varies from person to person). If you don’t want to complete all the onboarding steps at once, you can save your progress and get back to it when you’re ready.


About profile optimization

Due to the high demand for projects with very specific requirements, we created a form through which additional data can be added to your profile (IAPs, what mobile carrier you use, your availability for different testing types and so on).

Even though the completion of this form is optional, it is highly recommended to fill it out to increase the number of future test invitations.


When can a newly onboarded tester start testing?

You can start testing as soon as you have received an email about a new project. Read it carefully and open all the affiliated links to make sure that you have a complete understanding of the task.

Simply register for the test – however, make sure that you match the testing criteria first (you will find more details in the invitation email).


If you are a newly onboarded tester and have not heard from us for over a week, please send us a message on our Zendesk Support Center.

Important documents

We prepared a series of further informative material to make the onboarding process easier for you and to make sure that you have a clear understanding of all Tester Work tasks and procedures.


Check them out here:

  1. Testing types – learn more about the testing projects you can take part in.
  2. Testing techniques – check out what the most common testing methods used during our test cycles are
  3. Test Case execution guide – a thorough description of how to execute test cases correctly
  4. Test Runner instructions – recommendations and best practices on executing and delivering quality test case results via our test runner
  5. How to approach an exploratory test (ET) – find out what an exploratory test cycle is and how you can increase the number of your bug reports 
  6. Bug reporting guidelines – don’t forget that the only way you are communicating with the developers is through the bug reports. Reading this guideline before starting to test is a MUST!
  7. Rejection reasons & Top tips for bug reporting – unfortunately, we can only accept bugs that are correctly written and respect our guidelines AND the test specifications of our clients. Please read this section carefully.
  8. Bug severity guidelines – make sure you assign the correct severity to your bugs
  9. Tips to get tests at Tester Work – a little help on getting more test invitations 
  10. Ranking system – our aim is to work with the best testers in the world to assure quality results and the ranking system can be a very good reason for you to widen your QA knowledge and work with us on as many projects as you can.
  11. Warning policy – making mistakes is what makes us human, and it is completely understandable. However, making the same mistake multiple times jeopardizes the workflow. This is why we kindly ask you to learn more about our warning policy so you will never have to receive penalizations from us.  
  12. Payment policy – one of the biggest concerns: how will I be paid? Find the answers to your question in this guide.