What to avoid while working with Tester Work

We want to ensure you know what possible actions have negative impact on our collaboration.

Actions that can result in immediate termination of the user’s account:

→ Deliberately sending offensive material to staff or customers of Tester Work / Global App Testing.

→ Uploading pictures from other apps when needing to set up a TW profile picture.

→ Uploading inappropriate content to a bug report.

When recording a video, please always make sure that you are not capturing any information related to payments, the ranking system or other sensible data as well as projects or information unrelated to the test you are taking part in.

Warning email and temporary account suspension if:

→ Tester consistently accepts test invites and fails to test.

→ Tester repeatedly fails to execute the tests within the deadline.

→ Tester contacts customer with genuine feedback thus circumventing the default GAT processes.

→ Changing the details of testing accounts without being instructed to do so.

Warning email will be sent out if:

→ Tester accepts the test invitation and fails to participate in the test round.

Tester is suspected of consistently refreshing ADA (our test runner) in order to ‘game’ the system.

 → Changing the details of testing accounts without being instructed to do so.

Payment cut in case of:

→ Tester consistently submits issues which are automatic rejects, as follows:

  • duplicates
  • out of scope bugs
  • NAB -> don’t know what this is

→ Poorly executed test cases, such as:

  • missing details (i.e.: bug ID)
  • test cases which need to be edited by the cycle managers


Testers can ignore a test invite

Testers can decline a test invite

Testers can dispute a moderation decision

Tips & tricks to help you avoid penalizations

Our aim at Tester Work is to support you to improve your testing skills and give you the opportunity to join exciting QA projects for world-class apps every day. We want you to know how to make the most of your time working with us, and the higher the quality of your testing, the more money you will be able to earn. Here are a few links which will help you avoid mistakes and to increase your ranking:

1. Read our Terms and Conditions page to make sure that you know the valid Tester Work regulations.

Bear in mind that uploading screenshots or videos with inappropriate content to your bug reports are strictly forbidden, just as sharing confidential information/material on any channel.

2. Consult the FAQ page if you need guidance regarding registration, testing procedures and/or payment

We included many handy answers in our most frequently asked questions page. It gives you a good starter and can clarify topics you are not aware of, thus avoiding for you to be forced to drop out from test cycles you signed up for.

3. Contact us on our Zendesk Support Center if you have questions or concerns regarding the onboarding, our bug tracker/bug moderation, our ranking system and/or payment issues.

Also, we always aim to create useful content and clear guides for testing and other procedures. However, whenever you find it difficult to understand and apply the test instructions and you need quick help, send us a message!


We are always glad to assist!

If you have other questions about how the penalization system works, please feel free to contact us.