Keep your tester account up to date 📱 🌍 💬


Devices, operating system versions, languages, and country of residence, are all factors when determining who receives a test invite. This means the information on your profile is extremely important, so keep it up to date at all times.


Also, please update your profile if you’re moving or traveling and plan to work in the meantime.

Check the timezone 


Don’t be disappointed if it looks like we’ve sent you the invite after the start of the project! It may seem so, but keep in mind that the timelines mentioned in our e-mails are for the UTC+2 timezone.


This means that 11 AM in the invite might actually be 3 PM in your location! 😉

Keep an eye on our e-mails 


We know, it happens: from time to time, invites don’t reach you even if we make sure we’re sending them on time.


How can you prevent this? So simple: just check your spam, promotions, social or any other additional inbox folders regularly and mark and as important senders.


Read all details 🤓


Better and more complete bug reports trigger higher ranking, which in turn makes for more project invites and better payment.


Read the tester specs in each cycle carefully – you’ll find there everything that’s in scope and what’s not in scope, what you should focus on and a reminder on how to write great reports.