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In 2013 we started building a community made up of the best testers in the world. Since then, we’ve travelled all over the world meeting and connecting with our top testers through local meetups, our Testathon® events and our projects.

We have hosted Testathon® events in locations such as Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, London and Sweden, creating a network of the very best testers. This gives you the opportunity to not only take part in exciting projects but to also learn from the very best.

We regularly give feedback to all our testers on how they can improve. Our QA teams in Romania and the Phillipines work with our testers daily to help guide them through projects and provide assistance on tricky projects. We invite local testers to attend our exclusive Tester Work events to teach them how to improve their QA practices based on our knowledge of testing over 6480 unique apps.

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We’ve gained worldwide recognition for innovations in the testing industry – most notably inventing Testathon® and our best selling book – Leading Quality: How Great Leaders Deliver High Quality Software & Accelerate Growth.

Testathons, hackathons for testers, have now been run in over 50 countries with leading tech teams from the likes of King, Spotify and Instagram.

Leading Quality
 launched in August 2019, and quickly became an Amazon bestseller! Leading Quality is endorsed by leaders across the industry, including the VP of Engineering at Slack, Partner lead for Deloitte’s Testing & Quality practice and many more.

Visit the Testathon website to find out more.

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