Charles Logs

Working with Charles Logs at Tester Work

Using Charles to View Calls and Responses

💡 License Info

Click on Help and Register in the top-right menu of Charles and enter:

  •       Registered name: GAT HUB SRL
  •       License key: 2b0ca996bd7debbe69

🛠️  Installation and Setup

  1. Download Charles Proxy on your laptop:
  2. Register your Charles client using the license key
  3. Launch Charles
  4. SSL Proxy settings: Navigate to menu item Proxy -> SSL Proxy Settings  -> SSL Proxying
  5. Check “enable SSL Proxying”
  6. Add “*” and port 443
  7. To be safe add ‘*’ and port 443
  8.  Restart Charles on your computer
  9.  Install an iOS build on your mobile device. The device should be connected to the same wi-fi as the laptop.
  10. Launch the app on a mobile device. Some calls may come through Charles on the laptop.
  11.  Installing Charles Certificate: On the mobile device, open the device browser like Safari or Chrome. Go to
  12. It will ask to download/install the certificate. Tap Download/Install
  13. Go to device settings eg. On iOS, go to Settings – General – Profiles. It will show a certificate for Charles:
  14. Tap and install it
  15. Then got to Settings – General – About – scroll all the way down to Certificate Trust Settings.
  16. Tap and enable the toggle for the certificate that was installed.
  17. Relaunch the app. A permission modal may come up on your laptop.
  18. Select “Allow’
  19. Charles should now start showing calls.
  20. Logs should show 200 status for calls and other calls (Method: Get, Post… Method: Connect means that Charles is not properly set up) as below. Red checkmarks should not be seen. If not, repeat the steps for SSL Proxy settings and Charles certificate installation.

Starting a Charles Session

  1. The initial setup for SSL Proxying and Certificate Installation should be done
  2. After launching Charles, select Help -> Local IP Address
  3. Take note of the local IP address of your computer
  4. On a mobile test device, go to Settings – wifi – select the info icon at the wifi (mobile device should be on the same wifi as your laptop/computer).
  5. Scroll down to Configure Proxy  – select and set to Manual – enter Server as the Local IP address of your computer and Port as 8888
  6. (ANDROID ONLY) under “Bypass proxy for”, enter:  localhost, Also, the build should be debugged, to see Charles calls.
  7. Open up the app on the device that you want to see data from
  8. On Charles, select Sequence from the main interface
  9. You should get a warning message to either Allow or Deny permission for the device to send data to Charles
  10. Select Allow

If you have other questions about Charles Logs please contact us