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About the app in test:

There are two different projects in Thailand:

  • A broadcasting company in the UK
  • The World Leading Mobile Content Provider. Provides games, fitness, video, tools, teaching, and TV content and Apps for people all around the world.


Thailand 🇹🇭

Type of testing:

Selected environment:

Devices: any Android or iOS device

Special requirements:

  • Language: conversational English language skills
  • Mobile carrier: AIS, DTAC, TrueMove

Testers will have the following benefits:

Payout for all bug reports!
Payment: $15/hour
The test cycles are recurrent
The payments are processed weekly, through Upwork or PayPal

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Tester – Spain

“I strongly believe that Tester Work is one of the best platforms for freelance testers to start their journey into manual testing. They are always there to assist you with any test or project related questions. I have also made lots of friends, both from the Tester Work team but also fellow testers through the projects I’ve participated in! The TesterWork-test manager relationship is way better than any relationship I have had with the managers in previous jobs and made me switch to freelancing on Tester Work fulltime.”

Tester – Romania

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