Advantages of Software Testing

My name is Moses Eniola. I’m a QA Software Tester(Manual Testing) with three years of experience in quality-assuring different websites and applications manually. I’ve also helped in finding relevant content and visual bugs. I’m a year three student of the Department of Linguistics and African Languages, the University of Ibadan with three years of experience in translation, language annotations, sentence generation (both in English and Yoruba), etc.

Software testing is a quality assurance method of checking whether the actual result of a software product meets the expected result and ensuring that the software product is bug-free. Software testing aims to find glitches or missing requirements in comparison to the actual requirements.

It is important to know that bugs may occur in any facet of the life cycle whenever a software development project is going on. There is high chance that the final code of software has defects in design and functionality.

The advantages of software testing cannot be overemphasized or ignored. Software testing is imperative because defects would be recognized early and fixed in software that has bugs and glitches before the delivery of the software products or the launching of the software for the end users. Software bugs could be expensive and terrifically dangerous. Software bugs have a chance
of causing monetary and human loss. Any software that passes through proper testing guarantees high performance which will help in saving time, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Here are some advantages of Software Testing:
• Customer Satisfaction: The major goal of any product is to provide high-quality satisfaction to their customers. Usability suggestion testing enables the apex user experience. The primary objective of the owner of the products is offering the best satisfaction of the customers. The first impression of great importance and if one fails to give the same, users are going to look for another product that would be better and accomplish all expected requirements.
• Cost-Effectiveness: Cost-effectiveness is another advantage of software testing. Quality assuring software by testing on time helps to save capital. If defects are found early in software, it would cost less to get it fixed. As the quality assurance testers who have ample amount of experience regarding the non-technical and technical skills for the projects are hired, they become the investments and the project is going to reap the benefits.
• Security: Security is the most vulnerable and highly sensitive advantage of software testing. Customers are looking for trusted products. With this, software testing helps in solving problems and risks earlier. As a software undergoes quality assurance testing, the real user can rest assured that they are going to receive products that are free of insecurity and vulnerability.
• Performance: Determining the performance of the software is another advantage of software testing. If you find software that has poor performance, it will bring the product’s reputation down in the market. Users are not going to trust anybody with that as the reputation of such a product will suffer.

Conclusively, With the help of software testing, one will be able to quality assure whether the software is ready for public usage and with that one will be capable of saving from the complaints.

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