Cash-Out Transaction Testing Cycle | Case Study

Digital wallets have made inroads globally, because they allow the breaking of geographical barriers. To make it easy to send or receive money almost anywhere in the world securely, quickly, and with low fees, transaction testing has become an important practice.

This Case Study involves a test case testing the flow of withdrawal payments in real time, based on an open-source platform for money exchange. It entails not only the functionality of the application, but also the findings found during the execution of the test in terms of accessibility to the offices and the attention received in them.

Normally this type of Transaction Testing requires two hours of effort to access the application, make the withdrawal and complete the test cases. However, it is not two hours of running time, as there is a dead time waiting while the customer sends the money to the wallet and this process may take some time.  

The device used by me had an Android 12 OS in which the application works perfectly.

Transaction Testing Cycle

This cycle of Test Cases Execution is interesting because it has explicit step by step to follow from beginning to end in the tasks to be developed. For beginners, this will make it much easier to understand what the test is and how to conduct this type of Transaction Testing.

Stage One of Testing

In this first phase, it is important to pay attention to detail regarding the functionality of the application and be attentive to send the corresponding information that allows the continuity of the test. It means entering the application, verifying the account statement and providing the personal code of the application so that they can send cash and continue with the next stage.  

Stage Two of Testing

Once they confirm that they sent funds to the wallet, you can continue with the test cycle which is the cash withdrawal. In this stage, in addition to evaluating the functionality of the application, this type of Transaction Testing requires you to pay attention to the user’s interaction experience in the physical place when making the withdrawal.

First verify that they have the necessary information of the offices where the withdrawal can be made and secondly pay attention to the treatment received in the place. Make sure to report in the test cases and at the end a feedback should be made to the customer about the application. 

Challenge with Cash Withdrawal 

The expected scenario would be that I should have been able to successfully withdraw the amount you sent earlier in the cash withdrawal request and receive a receipt or proof of the transaction. 

But when I went to one of the offices for the withdrawal, the agent was unable to make the cash delivery, because the platform informed him that the money was returned to the wallet. Therefore, the withdrawal couldn’t be made and there was no proof of the transaction. 

This error was not associated with the functionality of the application, but of the platform in charge of the transfer, with which I had to communicate to verify my data. I finished the testing reporting the finding or the difficulty when performing the final part of the test. 

Test Cycle Results

In this context, an improvement that the service can have after the test cycle is to clearly present the problem (reasons for money return) within the application. Additionally, they could add a quick attention line so that the user can report the inconvenience and solve the problem as soon as possible and verify an adequate user service through the network of offices to withdraw cash. 


Participating in this type of testing exponentially increases my experience as a tester and keeps me active in the Tester Work platform. More importantly, I have the opportunity to share my experience with valuable information for other testers and for those who want to start as such.   

As testers, we contribute significantly with our work to verify the correct functioning of the application, making it an innovative application that performs efficient and secure transactions, and contributing to the experience of future users to be as pleasant and reliable as possible.  

Happy Testing!

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