Social Media Platform Functional Testing | Case Study

In this Functional Testing experience, I delved into exploring the latest functionalities of a prominent social media platform, aimed at elevating user experience and engagement. Over the course of approximately 3 hours, I meticulously evaluated these new features on a Samsung Galaxy A52 running Android 12.

The testing endeavor involved executing test cases to assess the performance and functionality of stickers, GIFs, and video calling features. The overarching objective was to gauge the effectiveness of these enhancements in enriching user interaction and satisfaction within the platform’s ecosystem.

Functional Testing Challenges

Throughout the testing process, several challenges emerged. These challenges required agile problem-solving and adaptability to ensure a seamless user experience.

Performance Lag and Lengthy Load Times

Testing various functionalities of the platform, such as media sharing and group messaging, revealed instances of prolonged load times. This resulted in extended screen recording sessions and delays in uploading recordings to Tester Work, impacting the efficiency of the testing process.

Discrepancies Between Test Cases and Actual Functionality

Notably, discrepancies between documented test cases and the platform’s actual behavior posed challenges. For instance, while the test case outlined a ‘Welcome’ screen upon login, the platform directed users straight to the home page. Such inconsistencies necessitated real-time adjustments and careful documentation to ensure accurate testing procedures.

Security Concerns and User Privacy

Engaging in certain test steps, particularly those involving media uploads, raised security concerns. For instance, accessing the device’s gallery during testing potentially exposed personal media content to unintended scrutiny. Balancing the need for thorough testing with user privacy considerations posed a significant challenge.

Navigating these challenges demanded proactive problem-solving to address underlying issues and optimize the testing process for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Test Cycle Results

Personal development

Participating in this Functional Testing was incredibly beneficial to my career as a tester and has significantly impacted my professional journey. During the test cycle, I experienced a notable progression from a Bronze to a Silver rating on my Tester Work account, owing to the bugs that I reported and were accepted, highlighting the tangible rewards of dedicated testing efforts.

Additionally, completing this test cycle provided me with valuable experiences that enriched my resume, showcasing my expertise and proficiency in software testing.

Customer’s business improvements

From the developer’s perspective, addressing these challenges in testing the platform was highly beneficial for improving the app. By actively engaging with testers and addressing discrepancies between written test cases and actual behavior, developers gained valuable insights into user expectations and real-world usage patterns.

Some notable improvements have been implemented in the app. Firstly, the Switch accounts page can now be accessed by tapping on your profile picture in the top left and selecting Manage Accounts. 

Additionally, there has been a significant reduction in load time when sharing and uploading media to a chat. Lastly, the process of switching between accounts has been enhanced, making it more seamless and efficient.


Reflecting on this Functional Testing Cycle’s analysis, I recognize its broader implications for myself and fellow testers. By delving into the intricacies of testing messaging applications with multiple functionalities, I gained insights into prioritizing bug severity and optimizing bug reporting processes. 

Overall, the collaborative efforts between testers and developers in overcoming testing challenges significantly contributed to the continuous improvement and innovation of the social media platform.

Happy Testing!

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Peter has a passion for technology and software testing. He has been fascinated by the inner workings of computers and the endless possibilities that technology presents, leading him to pursue a career in the field.

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