Lite Version Social Media App Testing | Case Study

In a recent App Testing project, I delved into assessing the posting functionalities of a social media platform’s lite version. The scope of my app testing encompassed a broad range of post types, including photos and videos, tagging friends, adding location details, indicating feelings or activities, creating event-based posts, and live video sharing.

The testing of this app was conducted over roughly 2 hours, utilizing a Samsung Galaxy A13 5G which was running on Android 13, to ensure a comprehensive examination of the platform’s features.

Lite Version Testing Challenges

During this App Testing Journey, various challenges surfaced. Overcoming these hurdles required quick adaptations to ensure a smooth execution. 

Switching App Modes

One significant challenge was the need to perform identical test runs in both basic and paid app modes. Switching between these modes called for extra resources such as Google searches and consultations with friends to determine the correct method to toggle between the app versions.

This extra effort was crucial in ensuring accurate and comprehensive testing across both modes of the application.

Data Privacy Concerns

Another challenge arose when posting a photo or video, which required granting the app access to my device’s storage. While screen recording this particular flow, I had to navigate to my gallery, which raised considerable data privacy concerns.

Exposing my personal photos and videos in the screen recording posed a risk, as this content would be visible to anyone viewing the uploaded screen recording of the flow. To mitigate this privacy risk, I took proactive measures by transferring any sensitive photos and videos to a secure folder on my phone prior to conducting the test.

This precautionary step was essential in safeguarding my personal data while ensuring the comprehensive testing of the media posting feature.

Mobile Data Connectivity

A notable obstacle encountered during the App Testing cycle was the strict requirement for excellent mobile data connectivity (4G or 5G) to successfully run the test. The testing was exclusively limited to mobile data, excluding Wi-Fi connections, which posed limitations on certain app functionalities.

For instance, when the connectivity was poor, options such as posting a video and accessing the Go Live feature were conspicuously absent or compromised. To navigate this challenge effectively, it was imperative for me to be situated in a location with robust and reliable internet connectivity, ensuring the comprehensive and accurate testing of all app functionalities reliant on mobile data.

Access to Reproducibility Tests

Accessing reproducibility tests for reported bugs that had been accepted by the moderation was another difficult task. Invitations for these tests were distributed via email and were limited to a select number of testers. The difficulty lay in the rapid fulfillment of the required quorum.

To navigate this challenge effectively, I had to remain vigilant and frequently monitor my emails. Accepting the invites promptly upon receipt was crucial, as delays often resulted in missed opportunities to participate in the reproducibility tests, impacting the timely resolution and verification of reported bugs.

App Improvements

The comprehensive testing carried out had a direct positive impact on the customer’s business by facilitating the identification and resolution of reported setbacks, particularly concerning the Go Live feature. This proactive approach enabled the customer to address and rectify the reported issues, ensuring a more reliable and user-friendly application for their users.


This app testing endeavor provided me with hands-on experience in handling complex functionalities of messaging applications, setting appropriate severity levels for identified bugs, and ensuring timely bug reporting to avoid overlaps with other testers.

Concluding this test cycle, it’s evident that the experience was invaluable, not only for the application’s improvement but also for my personal and professional growth as a software tester. As a result, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the nuances involved in comprehensive testing and have added another valuable experience to my repertoire.

Happy Testing!

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