It’s all about them Smoke Tests

Marwa is sharing with us her knowledge about smoke tests all the way from Egypt. She has been working with Tester Work since 2019 and is already an experienced tester with a knack for content creation.

We often encounter smoke testing and make a lot of errors in addition to sending bug reports and they are rejected. All of these things are due to our lack of knowledge about what a smoke test is.

Let’s take a closer look at smoke tests!

1. What is a smoke test?

It is one of the many different types of software testing. It distinguishes itself by the fact that during a smoke test the goal is to make sure that the basic functions (or functions that are important to this “complete” software) are working properly and without problems.

Its main purpose is to test the main functions through a few Test Cases without going into other details. The smoke test helps prepare the application to test the rest of the more detailed and peripheral functions correctly. When there are problems in the main functions, any other test will be of no use, this is why smoke tests are usually the first kind of tests needed. They are the foundation on which you can start building and decorating “the house”.

2. When do we perform a smoke test?

We start performing the Smoke Test in the Initial Builds, which are the first stages of creating the application.

3. Why is it called a smoke test?

The name is taken from the terminology of Testing in Hardware and was generalized to Software as well. In the Hardware industry,  when you are building a new thing from scratch, you combine Electrical Components and Electronic Components and the first time you connect them to the power source, you perform something called a smoke test. That is, you are checking whether the circuit you made will produce smoke or not 😃. If smoke comes out, you must stop the test immediately and disconnect the power source. If there is no smoke you will continue with the rest of our various tests.

In short, we as testers must understand how smoke testing works so that we don’t face the problems of rejected bug reports, in addition to achieving the goal of testing and customer satisfaction so that we can continue to work together with the Tester Work family.

Happy testing, you all!

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