My love for testing

Karishma is one of our testers from India, she has over four years of experience in Quality Assurance, having focused on analysis. She also has hands-on experience in writing test cases and test case execution. She joined our tester community in 2018, and has been testing with us on Android and web.

My love for testing!
I’m here, back again

I began testing as a hobby a few years ago, some of the projects I tested on were video games, PC games, mobile games, console games, and much more exciting ones. I love playing games a lot, so I started my career as a game tester. Also, finding bugs motivated me. This is where my true love for testing was established.

I started my journey with Tester Work in 2018. Well, those were happier days compared to 2020 and 2021 (the COVID time). I worked on various functional exploratory test cycles, all the cool features and enjoyed it a lot. Then a lot happened like a tornado in my life and I stopped working with Tester Work in 2019. Now the love for testing brought me back again in 2021.

Sometimes I wonder who I am, an accidental tester? Or was it a deliberate choice?

What I love about Tester Work was getting involved with them not only to earn money but follow my passion, also to learn, as well as get feedback on my bugs as a way to validate some of my thoughts and ideas!
Sometimes the bugs fool you, sometimes the words and new functionalities can go all spinning around your head. Staying on top of yourself, helping customers get a product that they love, will give you a nice experience. Testing allows me to ask questions and apply the skills I’ve developed, which has been a major part of my success.

How cool is testing for me? I made a list of reasons for which I love it:

Because It Challenges Me…??😎 Every project provides different features and its testing problems, there is never a straightforward, “one size fits all” solution – this approach is completely wrong. Looking at software from various angles, with different perspectives, and testing it with different expectations is what I like best.

Because It is sooo… satisfying…😄 I mean yes, resolving issues feels like doing a puzzle, completely frustrating but completely amazing when you find the correct piece! Finding, tracking bugs, improving ideas, improvement of the product, solving issues, and perfecting methodologies – being able to do all this stuff in Software Testing makes it the most satisfying job.

Because It is Complex…🤯Am I Kidding? Yes, but sometimes working on complex tasks makes me be thrilled all the time. The biggest challenges are when a lot of devices are available and checking the application’s behavior gets weird in terms of response time and usability.

Because We can Critique…👩‍🎓 Judging other work, not by being mean, but I’m having fun, almost like in giving reviews to a person who cooks food for me. Usually, even when someone pronounces a word wrong, I love correcting them. Well, with a healthy attitude, that is. When I find small faults in others’ work, I just tell them, similarly with software testing, it’s my job to see if everything is fine and I have to do it as best as I can. The tester’s mindset is different from the developer’s mindset, testers are folks that like to find problems, they have a different personality.

Because It is all about Understanding the user 🤝🏻, putting yourself in someone’s shoes and simply understanding their perspective. Knowing the market and understanding the latest trends, what the customer wants, providing relevant information, ultimately who else can think like the User and work on the product.

Miscellaneous Reasons: testers are generally fun, ego-free, and honest folks who are great to know and hang out with. The profession attracts the type of people I like to be around.
I love getting early access😜, experiencing the early versions of software while it is still secret.

I love being a software tester, but I’m still not sharing all the reasons, let’s keep it our little secret. Maybe there are other reasons why you like this job too.

Because the managers can stress about schedules, the developers can stress about adding more things and fixing bugs, while Software Testers sit in a sweet spot of flexibility where we can play, learn, live on the cutting edge of technology, and work with generally interesting and nice people.😝

Oh, and the salaries aren’t that bad either! And you can freelance too.

Anyway, I’m back again to show my love for testing!

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