My Tester Work Experience

Richard is a Romanian student who joined Tester Work 2 and a half years ago. Since then he has been an active member of our global testing community. Read about his experience with Tester Work below as he candidly writes about his entrance into the testing world.

Back to the beginning

It all started by surfing the web and coming across the testerwork.com website, I never imagined that you can earn money from basic testing and bug searching.

I signed up of course (why would someone lose such an opportunity?) believing I could earn some money putting my computer geek’s skills to use. After the signup process, the following task was passing the qualification test and I must admit, it took less than 10 minutes, so if you love software-related jobs, you should pass with no difficulties.

After completing all the requirements, I was excited to begin testing but then I realized that I have to wait to receive invitations to test cycles via email. So I kept an eye out for any opportunities for testing.

My very first test

After a few days, I received an email about an open test cycle in need of testers. I was attending class when I first saw the notification so I decided to wait, a huge mistake. When the right time arrived for me to open the email, I have just realized that I’m too late. Better luck next time!

A few days passed and I got another email inviting me to a new project. The last thing I wanted was to miss out on this one as well, so without hesitation, I quickly opened it. The task was to test out a website and its functionality and record it. All my recordings were successfully accepted and I got paid for those tasks. 

Receiving the payment just after a few days got my attention, and I was curious to see if I can actually payout the amount I earned, and YES I was able to transfer the funds into my PayPal account relatively fast.

Recording my screen

I was completing tasks mostly from my mobile device and sometimes recording them was a challenge. Time is crucial when it comes to testing. Every time you record your screen, you have to publish the video to the Tester Work platform, and sometimes by accident, you might upload the wrong recordings just as I did. When I uploaded the recording for one of the test’s tasks, I had a feeling that the video I sent was from the previous task but I wasn’t sure.

After a few days, the payment arrived together with the task results, and just as I thought, one of them was rejected. So it is very important to pay close attention and upload each video according to the correct requirements. 

When it comes to processing payments from Tester Work to PayPal, they are good at it, fast and guaranteed. I never had issues with payouts!


When it comes to testing, I will definitely recommend Tester Work, sometimes it takes a while to receive an email, but as long as we keep completing the test cycles, we get paid. Tester Work delivers the results to their clients, they are satisfied and this brings us more testing projects for the future! Everybody wins!

I wish you all the best and encourage you to start your testing journey with Tester Work!

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