My Tester Work Journey!

Hi, my name is Thamsil Ahmed, and I am writing this article to share my experience with Tester Work. I will be talking about how I came across Tester Work, my first impression, and how has been my testing experience so far. I will also be sharing a few tips, based on my experience.

So here is a brief introduction about me, I am currently a student studying Information Systems Management at the University of Bahrain.

My first impression

So, I came across Tester Work in 2020, when I was looking for ways to earn money online. Tester Work impressed me, as it looked genuine, and the reviews were quite satisfactory. I read through the website, trying to understand the guidelines, and then took the assessment. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pass on the first attempt. I did a bit more reading and passed on the second attempt. Then I got a congratulatory mail along with access to the bug tracker, which got me pretty excited and started waiting eagerly for my first test. I did get a couple of invites in the following months, but unfortunately, I wasn’t eligible for the tests. So, I had to wait.

A few months later, I got a test invite, and hooray, I was eligible for it. I had the required devices and other specifications, but it was localized testing (test to be performed in a specific country), and unfortunately, I was traveling at that time. So, I couldn’t perform that test as well.


My first test

After getting back to Bahrain, I got another invite, the same as the previous one. I was super excited but was a bit unsure of how to go about things. But the testing manager was so kind enough to answer all my questions and clear my doubts and I was able to perform the test successfully.


What I do before I start testing

So far, I have performed 2 types of testing, a Functional test case, and an Exploratory test.

Functional test cases are tests where the testers are supposed to follow a set of instructions and make sure the product is working as expected. So, the first thing I do is go through the test case document (a document where all the details are given about the test along with the link to access the application/website) thoroughly and in case I don’t understand everything, I ask the test manager and, they are always more than happy to answer all my questions. Then I follow each step as stated and, in the case of unexpected behavior, I provide proof in the form of screen recording or log files (sometimes both), along with remarks. One most important tip while screen recording is to ensure that the steps are performed from the initial point of that section and always turn the sound off.

The second type of test is an exploratory test. As the word itself suggests, you are on your own to explore the product under test and look for unexpected behavior or bugs. For this type of testing, I make sure they understand the product very well and then start exploring every nook and corner of the product. The excitement when I find a bug after all that exploring, cannot be described in words. Again, we are asked to provide proof in the form of screen recording or log files, and we are also asked to write down a bug report in the bug tracker provided. Before writing a bug, make sure that the issue isn’t reported by other testers. This can be done by searching for keywords or using the filter option to find the issues already found for a particular section. After making sure that the issue is yet to be reported, write a summary, along with steps to reproduce, the severity of the bug, and all other details asked in the bug form, including proofs. I also make sure the report is grammatically correct, as more points are earned for such a report, which affects ranking, and the payment for one bug increases.

Always make sure to update your Tester Work profile with the devices and OS you have, as this plays a very important role in receiving test invites.


Payment experience

My first payment came well before the said time, and I was pretty excited about it. For all the tests, I got paid on time, except for one test where the payment failed due to some unknown reasons. I immediately contacted the help center and the problem was resolved, and I got paid immediately after.



So far, my experience with Tester Work has been great. The testing managers have always been helpful, the test instructions provided are well detailed and the payment is excellent according to the scope of the test. So, if your someone planning to join Tester Work, wait no more! Join right away and have a great time testing.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Testing!

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