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Today we are talking to Alessandro, a valued member of our community who is going to give us an insight into his world.

Did you have any QA experience before joining Tester Work?

Yes, it was more than 3 years that I was already working as a tester in my free time, so when I joined Tester Work I already had a deep knowledge of testing processes.


Approximately how many hours a week do you test with Tester Work?

It strictly depends on the number of available projects during the week, but usually from 15 to 30 hours per week.


What are the first things you do when joining an Exploratory Test Cycle?

 The first thing I usually do is read all the received details about the cycle, in order to know immediately what’s in-scope and what is out of scope. This lets me avoid reporting invalid bugs and helps me to concentrate on relevant issues.


During ongoing test cycles, do you focus on the number of reported bugs or the quality of your reported bugs?

 I would say half and half: testers sometimes are very fast in bug reporting when the cycle is activated, so it’s needed to balance quality with the reporting speed, trying to report bugs in the most precise way in a short time.


Have you ever had a difficult situation to face during a Tester Work test cycle?

Yes, there are times in which it can happen that you receive multiple cycles all at the same time, on different operating systems, so you have to split yourself testing on multiple devices at the same time without confusing one test detail with the other ones. In this case, I usually start and complete 1 test at a time, before starting another one.


How do you make sure you’re keeping up with the best QA practices?

When I’ve some free time, I like to read and read again guidelines and youtube videos about testing, so that I can always keep up with the most updated QA practices.

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