Should a Tester Learn Agile Methodology?

It’s me, Joise Mathew, I have been working in manual and functional testing roles for the past 6 years. My professional experience was strengthened by working at Oracle, Temenos, and LTI. I enjoy working at Tester work as a freelancer.

As we know that agile methodology is leading the in-software development project deliverables. I started as a quality consultant in waterfall methodology and slowly changed my career to agile testing methods. I realized that agile started ruling the software houses, and every client started asking for making developments in agile methods. Because they realized that agile is possible everywhere and that improved the way that we deliver software built to the clients. I was just searching on the internet for learning more about agile terminologies and started learning agile techniques on my own.

I reviewed and studied agile basics and relevance from various articles that were available for my search. For my initial organization, it was a waterfall method and when I made my job change, I received a chance to start my career in the agile testing process. Then I slowly understood that agile allows learning the core process of software development by interacting with developers, business analysts, and clients. In the agile process, we have the great opportunity to have continuous interaction with everyone whomsoever may participate in the software development. Hence, we receive an exciting opportunity to learn what developers do from their end, how to interact with them, how to design test plans by understanding the client requirements, etc. Agile gives the ability to create discussions with product owners for understanding the client’s requirements along with the root cause of this development. A product owner can tell you what was the background of a particular enhancement or development request raised by the client. We get the best opportunity to understand the core business use of development rather than just finding them as normal development. Because seeing the real business use will make a tester more efficient and effective while doing their quality testing on the development.

Another great advantage of being in an agile testing team, we will ideally create a good and strong rapport with the development and product owners. As we know, the agile testing process is existing with rapport between all team members. Agile facilitates good rapport, continuous interaction, more learning, effective utilization of the available time, and then the ultimate client delivery. Agile is an iteration-based framework that creates a time frame for each piece of software development. Hence every team member will make their maximum effort to provide the best output. All of us who are a part of an agile team, know that teamwork does matter always.

Another best feature of agile is daily stand-up meetings to inform the scrum master about what we did and what we will do today. It will create responsibility in each team member. So, they will try to achieve their work before they finish the day.

By looking at these examples, we can understand that Agile must be an unavoidable method in the software industry. So please do try to learn agile testing methods and their procedures to become successful in every testing method. I strongly believe that agile makes everything better than yesterday.

Agile is not a tough thing to learn and practice, we can easily learn it online by reviewing YouTube and articles. So be prepared to become an agile tester in advance, so that you can get in immediately whenever you get a chance to join the agile team, you won’t miss it by any chance.

I wish you all the very best for your future in agile testing methodology.

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