Tips for beginners from a beginner

Csaba is an indie game developer from Hungary, who recently joined Tester Work. Here’s the story of his experience with us over the last couple of months, in his own words:

Working for Tester Work as a beginner

I’ve been working with Tester Work since the second half of September. First of all, surprisingly, there was a written “online interview” where I had to prove that I have the basic skills to start working with them. That seemed serious enough for me, and I thought that I must be in the right place. After the registration was done, I felt lucky that I could start to work as a tester. It was exciting and a little bit frightening at the same time. As an indie game developer, I know things about testing, however, the way of presenting bugs at Tester Work is slightly different than I was familiar with.


My first test…

The following day my first invitation has landed in my inbox. As I was busy, my registration was late, so I was put on the waiting list. That was the first lesson for me: check my emails on my phone as soon as they pop. There are a lot of other fellow testers who are waiting for the opportunity to work. No problem, I said to myself. I am going to attend the next one. A few days later I was faster! ☺️

I was able to join an exciting new functional test case execution test cycle. WOW! Not to mention, that I am not able to let you know any of the details, because of the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Yes, it’s the place where things are taken into serious consideration. But, if someone takes their business seriously, it’s not a problem to work with Tester Work. Sloppy work is out of scope!

Back to my first test. It was awesome. It took me a couple of hours to catch up with those, to know how things are going. Nevertheless, the team of Tester Work gave me all the support I needed as a beginner. Emails with links lead to a handful of information, like useful articles, to the ‘Test Case creation guide‘, or how to acquire crash logs on different devices and machines (e.g. Android, iOS, Windows, etc.).


About precision

One of the important things is to be precise and to follow the instructions of the ‘Test Specification document‘, accurately. It is fully detailed, as it contains the following information:

  • overview
  • short description of the app/program
  • test prerequisites
  • what and how to test + what NOT
  • the SCOPE
  • bug reporting instructions
  • plus additional instructions
  • and many more, depending on the test case

Do you think it is too much? Probably. But they need testers who are able to watch out for many things at the same time. Not to mention that they have to work also with inaccurate reports, which means no payout for those who are not able to keep up with the rules. During my first test, I have learned a lot! I also learned that some bugs are more valuable than others. Not only for the developers but for me as well. 😉 If you find more bugs that are in the scope, the payment you get is higher.

Being a tester is an interesting job to do, you will learn many types of programs, applications, systems, and so on. But be aware! Because it’s not about just running through and finishing your task in 5 minutes. You need time. You should be patient, and be precise. The job of a tester is to support the developers with the most relevant, and detailed information.


What else do you need so you can be a tester at Tester Work?

Apart from the devices, you should have some basic skills like knowing how to take screenshots and recordings. For example, if you have a smartphone that you can work with, you should learn how to get a crash report, and how to record it. Another thing is that you have to write clear and good-quality reports.


+TIP: if you are not a native English speaker, use Grammarly, an extension for Google Chrome (also works with Brave browser), so you will cause less headache for the person who double-checks the reported bugs, and of course for yourself because there will be no need of additional adjustments of your report.


The point is, you should check out all the information you were furnished by the Tester Work team, and just do your best. This is the way you can get a better ranking, which means more payment! 😉

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