The Importance of App Testing

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The number of people using electronic devices is on the rise and is expected to increase worldwide. Today, there are apps for every mobile device and purpose, and all of them depend on user reviews. People won’t miss an opportunity to leave a bad review when an app is crashing. That is why it is important to invest in mobile app testing.

Mobile app testing helps improve the performance and functionality of apps on electronic devices. Testing apps before being implemented helps to identify bugs and how they can be contained without damaging people’s devices. This also helps keep users engaged and increases positive reviews and ratings.

Tips and tricks on how to test apps:
When testing apps, always know who your target audience is. It is important to know your audience because it’ll be easier to engage with them. Secondly, apps should be created with an end goal. When apps are created, they are created to help users. That is why it is important to know how apps will benefit users. Moreover, as a tester one should make sure that the main functions are fully implemented. Also, it is important to take note of user experience when using apps. Testers must consider usability and highlight any issues. Don’t wait until the app is ready for testing to evaluate user experience.

My journey as a tester:
I have never thought that I would become a mobile app tester in my life. To me, being a tester was all about exploring and understanding apps. Little did I know that all of this required patience and persistence. I have been a member of Tester Work for over 2 months and I learned along the way that being a tester requires research and persistence. I have been researching finding bugs and how to attack complex issues. I’m a learner and still learning. I am learning about testing and its basics. After all, it’s better to obtain enough knowledge before doing a complex task than to do it with no knowledge.

How to start a career in testing:
One must be passionate about testing. Do not only do it for money but learning also. You must have the right skills for the job. By this, I mean that an individual must read, practice, and do research before testing apps. Check if you’ll be able to do it or not. Another thing is to focus on what you are good at in testing. Check which apps work better for you and work on them. Furthermore, don’t always apply to big companies only … always start small. Learn the basics of mobile app testing. Check out books recommended by experts on testing and learn new skills. If you want to be a full-time tester, ensure that you do a class for it. Reach out to experienced testers and find out what testing mobile apps is like for them, and also the resources they use in helping them get their bearings in this field. Practice! Practice! and Practice! This is good for improving and learning new skills.

Steps involved in testing mobile apps:
1. Prepare
Prepare in advance in order to see if you’ll be able to do what is required of you or not. When you prepare, you also learn how to work faster.
2. Strategy formulation
Formulate a strategy on how you are going to find bugs. Research the app first and come up with a strategy for how you are going to test the app.
3. Essential testing apps
There are many ways to test apps, which is why an individual needs to identify which method works for them.
4. Setup testing environment
Set up your work environment in a way that they’ll be no disturbances. Ensure that your work environment is comfortable, portable, and convenient for you. Make use of your space.

Happy testing, you all!

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