Tips for Improving Skills and Earnings

Hello, my name is Elisa. I currently live in Viterbo, in the central part of Italy. I have been a freelance tester for three years. I graduated in Economics and I had no formal testing training when I started, but with the help of Tester Work, I am now confident in tackling any testing challenges. 

Some years ago I was looking for a remote job to earn some extra money. I searched on the web and I found out that crowd-testing could be a good option. That’s how I first joined the Tester Work platform! 

Even if I had no specific knowledge about software testing, I liked surfing websites and using apps so I decided to give it a try. I found out that there are many types of testing,  some of which can be performed even by people without a technical background.

During the years Tester Work offered me the chance to join many projects. I participated in both test case and exploratory cycles. I tested well-known apps, like Facebook, Yahoo mail and Vinted (to just name a few).

I want now to share with you some useful tips I learned, tips that can help you to improve your skills and boost your revenues! 

  • Browse and read ALL free available resources on the Tester Work platform (Help Centre, Blog, etc). There are useful articles on how to write a bug report, bug severity, different types of testing, and so on.
  • Log in to your account regularly and update or confirm your profile information. Your location, language skills, and devices are important as testing projects have different requirements. By updating your information you increase the chances to be selected for a project which suits you.
  • When you are selected for a project, start testing as soon as the test starts.  This is particularly important if the project is an exploratory one. You will be paid for any approved new bug. If you start late other testers will have probably raised many issues already and that makes it difficult to find valid bugs which aren’t duplicates!
  • Read the overview carefully before testing. This way you will avoid you reporting bugs that are not in scope.
  • Write good quality bug reports that don’t need to be edited. You will get more points and your ranking will improve. Having a higher ranking will increase the chances of getting invitations and of earning more money.
  • Whenever you are offered to participate in a Test Case cycle join it! Test Case projects assure you a base payment as long as you perform all the steps correctly.
  • Learn from other testers! While participating in a cycle dedicate some time to looking at other testers’ bug reports. You can learn from others and their well-done jobs as well as from your and their mistakes!

Last but not least…never give up! Keep on testing, learning, and earning money!

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