What is the Salary of a Manual Software Tester?

My name is Moses Eniola. I’m a QA Software Tester(Manual Testing) with three years of experience in quality-assuring different websites and applications manually. I’ve also helped in finding relevant content and visual bugs. Engaged in many test cases for cycles. Also, took part in Usability Suggestions Tasks.
Also, I’m a year three student of the Department of Linguistics and African Languages, the University of Ibadan with three years of experience in translation, language annotations, sentence generation (both in English and Yoruba), etc.

One of the primary factors that are considered when choosing a career path is payment. Everyone works to receive some form of payment at the end of the day. Unlike most conventional jobs, manual software testing pays based on quality and not quantity.

It does not matter If you spend the whole day testing software, what matters is the quality of your tests, how many bugs you can identify, and how well you report. Although there are occasions where you get paid solely for your time, an example is “test case” testing, where you are testing the functionalities of an app if it is behaving as intended and even that still requires top-notch bug reporting skills.

A manual software tester could make as much as $1000 per month while working part-time and as little as $100. The determinant of how much a tester will make is your efficiency and dedication. I will be sharing some tips on how to increase your income as a manual software tester.

Tips to Earn More as A Manual Tester

#001. Take up more cycles.
Even when you’re working smart, you still need to work hard. It is as simple as ABC, to get more money you will have to accept more test cycles and make sure you do that early so you can identify and submit the bugs before others and hopefully get more bugs. There is a saying in African saying that goes “isé ni ògùn ìsé” which means hard work is the key to more money.

#002. Perfect your testing skills.
You must refine your testing skills to get more invites to test software. That could be done by studying the materials provided on your testing site and also consulting google, there is an excess of materials available on google to make you a better tester. Quality tests and submissions will increase your ranking making your testing sites offer you more test cycles.

#003. Get more devices
If you can afford it, get an android, an iPhone, and a laptop. The more devices you include in your profile, your chances of getting more tests are higher. Some tests are restricted to certain devices and having those devices makes you eligible to test them.

#004. Always be on the lookout
One of the things I did that helped me get more tests, is that I changed the notification sound of the email I used to register on my testing site from its default sound. So whenever I hear that different sound, I know it must be something related to testing and I check immediately, that way I get to accept available offers faster.

#005. Improve yourself

Finally, I should mention that QA testing is a vast domain, and manual testing is the lowest on the ladder. If you are interested in climbing up the ladder, you will need to take automation and database courses, you will find them on google and Pluralsight.

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