Why Testing is Perfect for an IT Novice

Rafi is a senior in high school and started testing with Tester Work less than a year ago. He is a fast learner and an enthusiastic worker, always looking for the next challenge.

If you have always liked the IT field, it means that you know or at least have heard of the phrase “Software Testing”.

Software testing is the act of examining the behavior of the software subject to validation and verification testing. Software testing can also provide an objective, independent view of the software to allow a company to appreciate and understand the risks of implementing its software.

More specifically, software testing is a way of “examining”, while the tester is an “examiner”.

Why do I say that testing is perfect for a beginner in the IT field?

  1. Because you don’t need previous experience to do this activity;
  2. It is one of the easiest activities in the IT field;
  3. It can be a fun activity;
  4. You are financially rewarded in direct proportion to your effort;
  5. You work in the comfort of your home or wherever you are, provided you have an Internet connection;
  6. It can be the start of a career in the IT field, as the tester role is one of the most popular in the IT world.

The testing field would be perfectly suited even to a student at the end of his high school studies, who is looking for a source of income, given that, as we have mentioned, this activity does not require prior experience. He just needs to be a person who is attentive to detail, creative, communicative, and a critical thinker.

We recommend Testing as the first stage that all those who want to become programmers should go through. A beginner in testing starts with the acquisition of basic skills and reduced responsibility. After that, he gradually builds up to the acquisition of more complex knowledge and abilities. This will come with added responsibility and a substantial increase in remuneration.


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